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Google has announced huge addition to Google Analytics that is ‘Mobile App Analytics.’ As per social media-concentrated reported released initially this year, the interest in mobile analytics is clear – in case anything, it may look that Google is bit late in chasing these trends. In this matter, JiaJing Wang the Product manager said the aim was to make a ‘holistic application analytics.’ When there are other mobile analytics services out there, he says none of them actually tracks all the relative data, therefore developers end up stitching various services combine in a ‘taxing and disparate experience’.


Wang conveys Google’s latest analytics cover the 3 prime stages of an application’s relation with users – user metrics, and acquisition, outcome, and engagement. When it comes to user acquisition, maker can now track active and new users, and how that breaks down around various app forms, operating systems, and devices. On engagement, Google Analytics contains data such as usage frequency, crash reports, and engagement. Ultimately, on outcomes, Mobile App Analytics will display changes and in-app purchases.

Google Analytics already added data on mobile traffic, however nothing till now that was particular to app makers, therefore Wang estimated that this can carry the product to a huge new audience. One sure indicator of change – the moment users log in Google Analytics, one of the 1st things they were going to be questioned is whether they wish to follow mobile app or a website.

The latest mobile data will be accessible to both Android and iOSapp makers, who will get the similar reports, with 1 exception – makers creating their applications accessible by Google Play, will be capable to follow those traffic sources, which are driving latest conversions, and download. Wang conveys he wishes to offer deep integration with Google play in coming days.

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