Google AdSense Top 20 Expensive Keywords of Year 2012

Many people might have activated Google AdSense in their blog so that they can earn money online through AdSense. AdSense runs by Google and it is based on CPC (Contextual Cost per Click). As AdSense has a CPC based system the algorithm used in it is unique.

Top 20 Expensive Keyword of Year 2012

AdSense actually pay you according to the price of the keyword and as per the click.  The Cost of every keyword differs from each other. The cost of keyword is based on the competition and the search on the Google search.

Before you make money through AdSense the first thing you have to do is that you must have an AdSense account approved to your site. To activate the AdSense account you have to satisfy the criteria of the Google AdSense. Following are the criteria’s of Google AdSense:

  • The Domain name that you have registered must be of your name.
  • Your site or your blog must have a top-level content and the domain should me more then 6 months old.
  • The content that you post in your blog should be frequent.
  • You must have a better traffic at your site that is 50-100 visits per day.

If you satisfy all this criterias then you will get your AdSense account approved by Google. We know that after doing all this you work on SEO and try to make your Website on rank. To help you out we are here to tell you about the most paid Keyword by AdSense of year 2012. Let’ see all the keywords and the price CPC.



Price Per CPC















Conference Call






Gas and Electricity
















Cord Blood




All the keywords given above is highly payed keywords by Google AdSense of year 2012. You might have come out with some of the ideas about on what keywords you have to work on.


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