Google AdSense Rules – Each Blogger Should Know

Google AdSense has become one of the most common ways for making money online. When it comes to AdSense, people start searching for AdSense Guide and AdSense tips, but they forget or neglect to know about the AdSense rules. When it comes to rules AdSense consider content and conduct rules and if you don’t follow the rule, then it’s sure that you won’t earn any income through AdSense. We are here to see what content rule is for AdSense and conduct rule for AdSense.


  1. Content Rule For AdSense:

Whenever you add content at your website, you should be aware of the AdSense rules for AdSense. The Content rules for AdSense says that:

  • Your content should not have pornography. If you have any pornography at your content, then it is prohibited.
  • You should not use nasty or bad language at your content.
  • No racially abusive and no violent content.
  • The percentage of repeated keyword is only 3% to 4%  at your content,
  • Your content should not be copied.

These are the rule that you have to follow if you are writing content for your website. If you don’t follow any of the content then there are chances that your site might get banned.

  1. Conduct Rule For AdSense:

Once your site is launched and it has AdSense activated in it, then you should know that the behavior of your site matters a lot. Therefore the AdSense rule for Conduct says that:

  • It is strictly prohibited to push the visitors to click on the AdSense ads placed at your site.
  • The click group that is people who clicked on each other’s ads get banned. Google has his own method to find that.
  • Don’t overwhelm ads at your site. Google only allows three ads a unite, two search box, 1 link unit and two transfer.
  • Putting ads at empty page is not allowed.
  • You should have only one AdSense account because your entire websites can be registered under a single AdSense account.

These are some of rules for AdSense that you need to follow. If you are serious about your blog, then read it carefully so that it would help you to make some money through your blogs.

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