Google Adds Related Search Previews Feature To Image Search

Have anybody seen the new update by Google? Google has now made an update on the Image Search and they have added new feature known as “Related Search Previews.”

The Related Search Preview feature helps to find some of the great images that you were looking for. On the top of the image search you will see the Related Searches features. You can mouse over to the link to see the result.


This has helped us in many ways and they are:

1.    Helps Easy Reference For Your Image Search:

This is the new added feature. In this feature, if you are searching for some broader subject or topic, then you will see the refined result that is related to your search.

2.      Preview Before You Click:

When you click on the related searches link, you will notice the hover menu that will help you to see the images, and if you find some related search then click on the link.

3.    Explore Visually:

If you are searching for something, then this new feature will help you to explore the content visually related to your search.

These are the latest update made in the Google Image Search.

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