Google: Ad Spot & Content Position Factors of Search Ranking

While PubConKeynot Trends Matt Cutts, Hot Google Topics, and AmitSinghal Matt Cutts presented a point to discuss regarding what moderations in the algorithm would be held during 2012. One moderation, which stood out was position of content on a page would be one of the major ranking factors. He conveyed that GooogleBot is becoming brilliant and that defining the place of content over page, as if what is over the fold will be an aspect. He included having many ads in maddening spots can damage the page.

Search Ranking

Danny Sullivan wrapped this quickly by the Google Might Punish Ad Hefty Pages.

The concept of finding at what is content and at which location of page is not has been discussed during 2004 from Microsoft with Block Level Link Analysis. We too referred in 2009.

Right now Google will look at his much carefully. Therefore, in case your blog or site is carrying spots, such as where users supposed to see content. We bet this will have a severe effect over that page’s Google ranking.

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