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Many newbie bloggers get worried about their blog if it does not crawl on the search engine.  To make your website indexed into Google search engine, you come out with a lot of search engine optimization strategies. But you really need to know that it takes some time to index and get crawled your website. The indexing and crawling of your website depends on number of factors.

It is unpredictable about when your website will get ranked in Google Search Engine. If you have a sitemap for your website, then it would be a great help for you to know about your site, but you need to remember that having sitemap does not guaranties the indexing and crawling of your website.

 Website Indexing and Crawling

There might be much reason about your site not getting indexed in the search engine. We are come up with some basic points that will illustrate the reason of your website not getting indexed. Let’s see them and find out how to come out to the problem:

  • You might have not shared link of your website with other website. To do that you first need to know some link sharing techniques and search engine optimization strategies.  Sharing links will help your website to get crawl sooner.
  • Design of the website is also some of the factor about your website not getting crawled in the search engine. If your design is not proper then there are chances that your site is clearly blocking the site indexing.
  • Check out the Webmaster Guide. If suppose your website is not matching the compilation as per Webmaster Guide, then there are chances that your website is not getting crawled.
  • If suppose you have moved your website to different address, then it is obvious that Google will find it difficult to visit your website. To over some this problem you need to know about the website moving guideline.
  • Check whether your website is hacked or not. If it is hacked then your website might not crawl or get indexed in the Search Engine.
  • There might be chance that you might have checked your site when it was temporarily out of service.
  • Except you if some other people like the previous owner of the website are accessing your site, than it might not get accessed. To do that you have to go to the “Site Configuration ->Crawling Access->Remove URL” on the Webmaster tool. This process is nothing but the request removal from Webmaster Tool.

These are some of the reasons for your website for not getting crawled in the Search Engine. Therefore, you really need to take some action regarding this so that you can have your website crawled in than Search Engine as soon as possible. So get started now.

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