Free SEO Backlink Tools If You Are Broke

Having proper backlinks for your website help in getting your website at search engine rank; Therefore it really becomes important for you to know some of the search engine optimization strategy so that you can get a better and high quality backlinks.


You can also find lots of backlink tools that will help you in getting some quality backlinks. But what if you are broke and don’t have cash to pay for those tools. If you are searching for some free backlink generating tools that will help you for getting some quality backlinks, then you have come to the right place. Over here we will tell you about some of the best and free backlink tools.

Here is the list:

Craawler –

Great utilizing, which is remain in its star, made by Reddit user, the Craawler is remain being performed on and tweaked, therefore estimate some minor bugs. Apart from that, this tool is amazing. The entire utility and all of its features are completely free. Craawler can offer you info regarding spelling errors on your page, point out ways to recover your header tags, meta tags, external and internal hyperlinks also offer you social stats for every page of your website.

SEO Toolbar –

It is a toolbar we have installed for Firefox, which we use primarily to check the pagerank of sites we visit. We know there are number of other options to see PageRank; however in case you tell me, having it manually showed for each website you see is precious.

Majestic SEO –

We are adding this one because we got it suggested on some various websites when we were starting searching for these utilities. You will need to create free account to utilize this, and also once you done, some of the available options are actually worthy. You can get pretty correct snapshot of this website you see, however some details. Make a use of this tool to supplement your SEO work, in case at all. –

It is a worthy free utility that will save much of backlinks for you; however you will need to install their plug-in for your web-browser.

Yahoo Site Explorer –

We use Yahoo’s explorer to see the backlinks of our competitors. You can just get the detailed crawl data on website that you hold, however backlink data is present for any websites in Yahoo’s index. When majority of other free utilities will rank 50-100 backlinks, Yahoo site explorer will offer you its complete list.

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