Free Google + Stickers sent by Google AdSense

Many bloggers around the world received cool gift along with their Google AdSense cheque that is Google + stickers. It was surely a beautiful surprise for bloggers, as they opened Google AdSense cheque; their eyes became colourful after seeing beautiful Google + stickers. Past year, Google has sent an AdSense sticker to bloggers but these Google + stickers are much better.

Google +1 Stickers

While Webmasters received visitors to do +1 to their content. All these +1 stickers are surely amazing, everybody are thinking Google. It is an effective and brilliant way for offline advertising.

Earlier Google has sent vacation gift to high class publishers such as mini fridges, USB memory cards, Digital photo frames, flip video camcorders, lava lamps, laptop bags, wireless mouse kits, and marketing toolkits. Right now bloggers will surely make a good use of these stickers.

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