Four Tips for successful Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest market for viral marketing and reaching out the big audiences in short time. Today we will tell you the four important mantras to better market the product/service/website on Facebook. The mantras are listed below

Activity Log

Activity Log is just like Facebook Timeline, which will account all the happenings, things what you and your fan does on the page. It will include everything, right from and short updates to the comments and updates liked by the fan. This is a great tool, which will archive the updates so that the fan will be able to read earlier update as well. It’s a great tool to insight the engagement of fans with your updates, which help to plan out better.


Demographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting is the basic lesson learn by any marketer while pursuing education. Facebook lets the marketer set the demographic while manipulating an ad campaign. This will help the page easily reach out to the audiences, which they want. Like if i am targeting only whole New York so demographically i will select that place. It does not only limits to places but also the languages and lifestyles can also be taken in accountability.

Twitter Linking

One of the best tools for viral marketing. This will help to manage both the updates at the same time and engaging bigger audiences. Also this tool helps the Facebook page fan to influence to be a follower on twitter page.

Smart Moderation

Smart Moderation is a tool, which will help to manage the conversation limit so that it does not create any non-needed comments. People loves to use the right to speech and would always throw their pointer, sometime this could be misleading and will affect the brand. Smart Moderation helps to control the flow of misleading comments.

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