Four Ethical Ways To Create A High Quality Twitter Profile

Twitter is by far the easiest way to reach out the large crowd. If you have an twitter account with great number of followers than you can definitely become a social hero. So how to grow your network on twitter and get the followers. Many times just to grow network people tends to follow everyone, but that’s the wrong strategy. Follow the people whom in whom you see some sort of relevancy. This way they will also take interest and may follow back. Below are the steps in order to get good number of follower’s list:


Use Twitter Friend’s Tool:

Under #Discover, go to Find Friends. Twitter will show the available email networks such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail to search for friends. If you have account on any one of these service then use them to make your friends know that you have join twitter.

Announce on Facebook:

Facebook is the biggest social networking website. And i hope you have a Facebook account as well. So just you have to announce your twitter profile on status and people will come to know that you have join twitter. This is the easiest way to increase few followers. Twitter also offers a service to post tweets directly to your Facebook account. Just go to settings then profile and select post your feeds to Facebook. This way you can connect to Facebook and get more followers.

Follow the right person:

Only follow what you like. This is indeed important, otherwise you will be roaming the twitter as the spammer. Do not spam, this is strictly unethical. Also spamming will make your followers leave you. Follow slowly, tweet good content which your followers will like to read. This way others will follow back.

Participate on discussion:

One of the best to get notice is to stand and talk among the sitters. Just join different brand pages, and participate in any ongoing discussions. A healthy discussion is good for everyone’s knowledge. Increasing your influence will only add more respect power to your profile.

Performing all the above things correctly will make your twitter profile outstanding. Also people would want to know you more and will follow you as a fan.

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