Four Basic Things to know for Newbie Blogger

Every one knows that blogging has become one of the main streams to make money online through bloggers. There are many things that bloggers make mistake on, specially the newbie’s. We are here for those newbie’s bloggers to let them know about what blogging is and what all steps should they follow. So let’s start:


  1. Use of permalink

It is seen that most of the bloggers don’t use permalink at their blogs. Permalink is used to indicate the post in a blog. This is a poor blogging practice to no to use permalink at their blog. As you know that when ever you post a new blog the newest post appear first in the blog, therefore not using permalink will link you to the main page of your blog. So it is really necessary to use permalink to let the old post highlight to your newest post through linking the link to it.

Basic Things For Newbie Blogger

  1. Don’t use hotlink

The first question that comes on your mind would be; what is hotlink? Hotlink is the link that is linked to another site’s video, image instead of your site. Therefore it is better you download the video, image, or graphic to your system and use it to your blog.

If you interlink the image, video, or graphics the site that have it would take a lot’s of load to it and will then ask you to pay for sharing their link to your blog. So the two points that you have to consider is:

  • Take permission to link another site’s link it your blog.
  • Or download it to upload it to your blog.
  1. Comment properly to other blogs

It is seen that most of the traffics that comes to your blog is through other blogs, and forums. Hence it is really important to not to comment or post any thing that is irrelevant. You might have notices that when ever you comment on a blog it asks to for your e-mail id, Name, and URL. This is done because when you type a comment in a blog people could follow you through it. Hence it is really important to read the content of the blog first and then comment on that blog. If you have some relevant comment and with some additional information, then it is obvious that people would click on your link to follow you. This is also a good search engine optimization strategy.

  1. Get some better ideas

It has been seen that most of the bloggers have same old gadget, health and similar kind of blog. Therefore it is better if you think something new and creative. For that you can make a note of what would people really want to search online. Doing that would help you to make a proper and unique idea for your blog.

This is some of the basic blogging tips for the newbie bloggers so that they could be noticed by the people.’

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