Forum Software That You Ought To Know

Forum has helped many bloggers to make their website rank on search engine. As you know that when you search for forums you would find different forums powered by different forum software. We are here to let you know about those software and because of it you would be having number of options to search for forums.

  1. MyBB:

MyBB is an pen source Forum Software that was categorized in year 2010. This was selected as the best forum software’s by most of the users. The latest version of this software was 2.0. To search Forum sites that is powered by MyBB, just type “Keyword Forums “Powered By MyBB”” in the Google Search Engine

  1. ProBoard:

This is another open source software and was the winner of 2011 in the title of “Best Forum Software.” To search Forum websites powered by ProBoard then just type “Keyword Forums “Powered By ProBoard”” on the Google Search Engine.

  1. phpBB:

phpBB is one of the most searched and one of the powerful software. phpBB stands for PHP Bulletin Board. If you want to search Forum websites powered by phBB then just type “Keyword Forums “Powered By phpBB”” in the Google Search engine.

  1. vBulletin:

vBulletin is a Forum software that was made by Jelsoft Enterprises and vBulletin in year 2000. If you have a link in any of the vBulletin forum then it would help to give better boost to your website. To search Forum website powered by vBulletin then just type “Keyword Forums “Powered By vBulletin”” in the Google search engine.

  1. UBB:

UBB is an open source Forum Software since 1997. This software has one of the best features as compare to other software and is also most powerful. If you want to search Forum website powered by UBB then just type “Keyword Forums “Powered By UBB”” in the Google Search engine.

These are the best forum software and if you think that this is the only forum software’s, then you must know then there are many more. For example: Invasion Powered Board , BBPress, Phorum. Vanilla, Expression Engine many more.



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