Formula Of Keyword Density For SEO

Formula of Keyword Density In SEO

There is a percentage of “ideal” keyword density in SEO article, however struggles to keep our Volacci density at or below five per cent. The percentage of page is relevant to its length happy, therefore it is suggested that you learn the formula for measuring every page. The formula for keyword density is pretty simple.

  1. Tally how many words you have on your page.
  2. Tally how many times you have utilized your keywords.
  3. Implement this formula


Keyword density = ([key word count])*100/(total word count])

For instance, let’s say you have one article on PEZ dispensers of 500 words, and you are optimizing it for FISH.

–          Total word count – 500

–          FISH keyword application – 12

Density of keyword “fish” – (12*100) / 500

The keyword “FISH” density for on page is 2.4%

SEO campaigns contain keyword optimization in on-page content; it has to be related to the search engines. But in case you do concentrate too much on the keyword density, you can possibly lose concentration on other essential elements in the unique approach to optimizing your website. Make a use of this formula for keyword density to confirm that you are implementing related application of your keywords in quality links and content so that you are receiving the most out of your study. In case you abuse the keywords, Google will surely punish you, stuffers are not leaved.


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