Five Common Bad Habits of Bloggers

As bloggers we go through a huge variety of tasks every day in building and managing our blog. Efficiency and productivity is an important, majorly for bloggers who are doing it part-time. Standing over the productivity way is a numerous habits, which tend to be highly addictive and time taking for majority of us. We think, we have personally thrashed with every of these at one point of time, and we are sure that you can connect. Let’s have a look of every of these behaviours and how you come out of the addiction.


1.     Possessing on subscribers –

Many subscribers to blog are might be the most prevalent calculating stick for defining the blogs effect, success, and importance. As an impact, all of us do a try to get new subscribers on regular basis and numbers of times this tries in much of an mania than an aim.

How to come out of habit –

Other than concentrating over so much of your subscriber count, concentrate over edifice active readers and progressing relationship with them. When this is fine to have aims for capturing a particular numbers of subscribers, do not allow that control you failure or success. There is much more than in blogging apart from just huge numbers of subscribers. If you have to progress some other aims, which will make few of the stress away through your subscriber count.

2.     Hunting social media traffic –

Social media shows an awesome chance for bloggers; however this too becomes a big distraction for numbers of. Majorly, dig, we do believer that aiming social media users with your content is nice way to carry new visitors on your blog, however hunting social media traffic with each post is overload.

How to come out of habit –

Just submit your perfect work to social media. Do not worry to push everything you post, because this simply won’t go that way. You will contain much better success in case you just endorse your best work, other than trying too hard.

3.     Constantly checking stats –

Just as if counts of subscriber can be addictive, so traffic stats can. Valuable tools such as Google Analytics can convert a nightmare in case you spend much time on checking your recommendation stats, very famous pages, and search engine traffic. When we do sense that analysis is blogging’s needed part, it is too simple to go overboard. Do you really have to check your stats each twosome of hours. Testing continually is not going to moderate the results.

How to come out of habit –

Set a particular time every week or every day to check stats and do not do it any other time. Give yourself some minutes at time, which must be enough. You might too want to assign a little bit time once in a month to have very depth analysis.

4.     RSS Feeds –

How many feeds you have in your RSS readers? And actually how many read? Majority of us spend much time every day just paddling by feeds, which we do not have much interest in. subscribing other fees in your niche in a nice habit however within reason.

How to come out of habit –

We like to go through our subscriptions each couple of months and come out of anything, which we didn’t read in while. In case the odds of you reading a feed are differently, do not allow it waste your everyday time, just come out of it.

5.     Extreme usage of social media –

When moving after traffic social media could be a huge interruption, surfing over social media websites searching at famous content can too be huge time water. We are an lively user of social media therefore we are not recommending that you must never visit these websites however prevent spending hours every day in looking at websites only for fun.

How to come out of habit –

Set sideways a particular amount of time for social media. through restricting yourself you will remain be capable to find the worthy content , which is present however you will refrain from reading also much regarding things, which really do not relate to you.

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