Fit in Social Media to get Better Google Page Ranks

To fit in social media into SEO you really need to know the actual power of social media. You should also need to know the result of what Google Panda do to other low quality sites. It is better to started making the result of Google search more relevant.

It is because Google don’t want any reader or visitors to get rubbish website when they search for something. This is all happen because of the SEO mistakes done by the people.

Social Media

Some of the common mistakes found were:

  1. Choosing wrong keyword
  2. Building a bad content
  3. Not getting good backlinks

This things need to stop if you are really serious about your blogs. Google have give importance to the Social Media website. As social media website helps the bloggers to make their site on rank as well as to get better traffic. But if you haven’t got anything then start making the changes now, because it’s never too late.

So let’s see how you can fit social media into SEO.


  1. Choose keyword that have good business intention and with better search engine volume. According to that start building site and their sub pages.
  2. If you want to optimize your site as per Google requirement, it’s better if you start writing good content.
  3. Keep in mind to interlink your subpages so that you will get a strong interlinking.
  4. Give your visitors some better service, create a Google + page. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that the page should be linked to the main site.
  5. Create Facebook and Twitter page so that you can get more visitors when they like your page (Give main page interlinking).
  6. Share links to YouTube by making videos.
  7. Start doing social bookmarking.
  8. Get high Page Rank (PR) backlinks.
  9. Start sharing your content through Livejournal, Squidoo, Tumblr, and Weeby. Just keep in mind that when you submit article don’t forget to give backlink.
  10. Start sharing your blogs in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and many other social Media sites.

These are the 10 basic steps that would help you to get better traffic and also good search engine rank. This entire social media site helps you to attract visitors for your site. When you follow these steps you can fine the visitors at your site, comments on your post and many more.

These steps are really important to get more and more traffic and visitors at your site and also give you better backlinks. Google keeps eye on all the activities on your site. Google mainly see the interaction between your site and the visitors. It also sees the quality of your content in your site and also sees how much time dose a visitor spends at your site.

Just remember to update your site daily and make some better content so that visitor that visitors your site gets some information’s that they need.

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