Fasten Your Mac By Defragging the Fragmented Hard Drive

After using Mac for few months it losses good old speed and become a bit slow in processing, it takes longer time in copying, opening, deleting data or moving. Mac users don’t figure out the problem instead they get worried. It is a very common problem if the Mac is running slowly. Major reason of slow down of Mac is the fragmentation of the system in hard drive. It can be easily sorted out with the help of any HDD Defragmentation software.

Fasten-Your-Mac By-Defragging-the-Fragmented-Hard-Drive

Possibilities of allowing Mac can be because of virus/malware infection, corruption of file system or OS malfunction. Sometimes Mac can even slow down due to any contradiction with newly installed hardware/software. Another possible reason can be stuffed hard drive. If none of this problem has found in your Mac than be sure that your hard disk is been severely fragmented that makes your Mac slower.

Let’s see how hard drive gets fragmented and reason of Mac going slow:

Creating a new file on hard disk, it takes some considerable bytes, known as a single chunk of memory. As you are saving that file, the Mac OS searches for the first single chunk of memory that is equal or greater than the size of that file.

When you delete a file, the OS frees a single chunk of memory. Deletion creates a free space in between occupied memory chunk. The space in hard drive gets completely scattered. Once it gets scattered it is hard to operate system and allocate the required size of memory chunk to new files resulting in breaking up of new files into multiple logical fragmented files, it takes more time to locate their fragments by OS and load them into memory before performing the action. This is why your Mac performs slower.

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