Facebook Timeline Privacy Concerns

Every one in the world uses Facebook and is also familiar with the new theme that Facebook has introduce this year known as ‘timeline.’ The important question that comes on the mind is that does all the users are happy with this new theme.

It has seen that user can now see the private message that has been posted on the user’s wall.

We really can’t indentify that which message would be affected by the level of privacy in the timeline.


Facebook says that it is allows the delivery of message in all the devices. They have also called it as “social inbox.” The wall comments made by your friend at your wall would be coming to you as a private post.

There are few things that have been noticed that user are confused about this new theme. As privacy is one of the major concerns of timeline. So we are here to sort them out.

1.     Is it Public or Private?

If we see from last few years Facebook has changed a lot of their private settings. So for some users it might be a problem that they could not see the messages from the time they have joined the Facebook.

You can share more then what you thing, to do that you just have to visit your private settings. Till next week the timeline should be rolled out to all the users. At the start of this year there was a lot of conversation going on about the timeline. It was said that the photos and the status message would be made public to the users and the friends.

If there is some conversation going in between two people then it would be showed as discussions and even those people who are not involved on this discussions can see the discussion between them.

The main advantage of this timeline is that if suppose that you are trying to add some one in your friend list and want to see his profile, then it is not possible for you.  Only the people in the friend list can see the profile or else he or she cannot see anything on the timeline.

2.     Get back your privacy

If suppose that you want to hide the post from your timeline, then you do that by just going to the post and choose Hide from Timeline’. This feature will help you to hind your post in the timeline.  It would be really a lengthy process to do that if you have number of post at our timeline wall.

The only process that you will be left out is by deactivating your account. To do that select the hide from timeline feature from the Active log sections of your timeline setting.

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