Facebook Gets 30,000 Status Updates Every Minute

With rise in utilization of tablet PCs and smartphones, there is a believable development in utilization of social media sites. People see their twitter account or Facebook status over the day, before sleeping and immediately after they wake up, observed by Popcorn.


Following are amazing stats of social media –

  • Higher than one lakh thirty five thousand pictures are uploaded over Facebook status each minute
  • Higher than five lakh comments are published on Facebook status each minute
  • Around three lakh Facebook status updates happen on Facebook each minute
  • Twenty latest reviews posted over Yelp each minute
  • One lakh twenty thousand tweets over twitter each minute
  • Forty eight hours of video is published on YouTube each minute

When the huge quantity of content get posted over social media sites each sixty seconds is surprising, this is amazing to recognize that tablet and smartphone trend has only started. Click many uploads we will proof in case the smartphone utilization raise through around ten times in the coming some years. Apart from social media websites are doing their good to raise their reach. Facebook contains around eight hundred million users, and many are speedily rising each day. Facebook’s latest feature Timeline is estimated to upsurge the uploads significantly. One million Facebook status updates each minute is not far.

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