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According to recent August 2 PageRank, one blog has been about seventy nine days old. Earlier it had PR0 but because of new update, blog has become PR2. You must be curious to know how this happened and how you can copy this to your blog. everybody know that prime formula to creating stable PR in less time period lies in proper content and many backlinks. Here are few tips that would be beneficial for you.

High quality content, which ranks very nice in SERPs and too attracts readers.

The bloggers who write content are anxious about two main things that are Does my blog content attract to my regular readers. And will my blog content get huge search engine traffic. We have created a decent formula to make huge content, which would love by readers, yet obtain thousands of transfers from search engines. Which is a most visited website on this earth just for content? Of course Wikipedia, Encyclopaedia passes are most searched for many things in world. Therefore we have decided to mention few encyclopaedia entries of our own. For instance, we have a blog of investment, therefore we have written few posts such as Support & Resistance and Buy & Hold: Technical Analysis. Of investment, there are some terms of encyclopaedic for world. If we will do few severe back linking over these articles, then they will rank hike for keywords, which get 10,000 searches in a month.

However, writing encyclopaedic admissions in things connected to you site’s niche is not must attracting to your regular readers. In all, they can just go for searching keywords on Wikipedia such as buy and hold. Therefore, we recommend a path to face this problem. In the end, each article of encyclopaedic, we have added our opinion. For instance, for our post Buy & Hold, we have added section heading’ why buy and hold does not work. Right now this is a view, which our readers cannot get anywhere else therefore they unconditionally loved the post to give such perceptive explanation more a truthful view on buy and hold.

What you need to do: Do not write many encyclopaedic type posts because if you will write many, there are chances that your readers will be bored. Taking the fact consideration that like encyclopaedic, keywords are required for much back linking to get high ranking in SERPs, you will not get high ranking if you carry many keywords to get ranked for and not sufficient time to create sufficient backlinks. We recommend you to write might be one or two encyclopaedic type posts in every month, put your own view into those one to two posts and expend the rest of month over creating back links to those one to two posts.

Google PageRank

Google PageRank

Right now we have come to really nice part that is Backlink creating strategy.

The complication that we had was with creating backlinks that we would soon disremember how many backlinks we had created towards specific posts. Therefore, we planned a table to come out of this problem. It is high traffic keywords and encyclopaedic keywords list that we wish to rank. Right now you can see, this table permits me to keep a follow of my backlinks creating campaign. The column of Top Quality Backlinks mentions to numbers of PR3 or more than backlinks we have towards your post. You can observe, this table is describing sufficient to tell me many things like how many numbers of searches in a month happen, there are our desired keywords but not also exhaustive so that this will take it for permanent update. You can copy this table for your own goals and purposes. I cannot pressurise this much but visitor blogging is just true way to get good quality backlinks and prominently recover your site’s PR and SERPs.

Therefore, how can you welcome guests’ posts, which actually recover your search engine rankings? We posted ‘Problems in America. Then we went on actually large, PR8 finance site and written post Finance Problems in America. Then we created backlink from their guest posts to ‘Problems in America ‘post. Major part of how much Google standards your backlinks is how similar your guest post is to your site’s post. Recognize that my post and guest post we wrote are much same in nature. This is what contains of nice backlinks. It is one backlink created our Problems in America’ post 12th rank for keyword ‘Problems in America’.

to review, write guests posts regarding things which are much similar to post which you are back linking to and we everybody much know this but from big PR’s link is more precious than link of less PR site.


We have decided to adjoin some additional into this post. There is one easy way, which was caught us an additional two hundred dainew regular new visitors. It is called as Commenting.

Huge numbers of people know that commenting over other blogs is a source to create much traffic for her or his personal blog. Therefore they explore other blogs, try this, fail, and begin thinking that commenting is not working. The reality is, this does not work due to people are practicing it wrong. Despite of commenting on that posts and bottom of each comment, we adjoin a big similar link to one of our blog’s post. For instance, there was one post ‘America’s Politicians need to get their heads on straight. We got actually complex in debates over that post and at every comment’s bottom we have posted link of our post Problems in America. Few of you may think that this was link spamming however in real we were not. Other commenters really liked our link and that site didn’t block me or cancelled me from containing a link to our highly similar post.

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