Does Meta Description Play Important Role In Blogging?

One of the 1st things that anybody who is new to planet of search engine optimization will face are Meta tags – the title tag, the Meta tag keywords, and the thing I will be covering in today’s blog, the Meta description tag. A question, which is frequently asked to people who work for SEO is whether or not you really require a Meta Description tag? So, the fact is that no, practically, you do not have to use a description tag for your website, however by the similar token practically you do not require to have 2 legs but you will surely work much better in case you do.


I am saying you do not need to have Meta description because it does not have direct influence on how your website works in search engine result pages, therefore optimizing your description for SEO intention is highly pointless. That being said, a nice quality Meta Description is far from waste of time.

The moment you write a Meta Description for your site, you are stopping the search engine by inserting a piece of text that it feels is related to the searchers question. In spite you are prescribing that Google must show a snippet of text, which you have exclusively made with compelling calls to action & a right summation of webpage in sense to tempt more users in visiting your site.

An “Elevator Pitch” is a condition where people are suggested to describe and vender themselves or a product in very less spam of time. Importantly, this is how you have to think of your Meta Descriptions, as a sales or abstract pitch for your webpage. In case you description compactly assets up the contents of your webpage while highlighting the advantages you can offer visitors that your contender can not, then you will rise the visits your website gets by organic search.

As I told at the starting of this blog, a Meta Description has 0 direct influence on where you website ranks in Google, but it can have much good indirect influence. In case you make a meta description, which means much users click by to see your website, you are raising the chances, which they will connect to you or socially engross that will certainly dominate SEO performance. You are raising the likeliness, which will become converters because before they come to the page they have already been made aware of the advantages. Therefore, Meta descriptions can have worth in search engine optimization, however it’s just that the advantages it offers is not direct. Therefore in judgment to this small blog regarding the essentiality of Meta descriptions, I will tell you one small piece of suggestion. Stop thinking of them by technical point of vide, and being thinking regarding them as a marketer.

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