Distinguished Google Penguin And Unnatural Links

Google Penguin Update has spread an essence in SEO world. We have seen Google penalizing many websites and blog. We have reworked hard since the Penguin update, though, results have not been that satisfying. What Google wants from us? Check are you a spammer? If no, then why our results are not improving? Have you corrected the Webmaster errors? If yes then why our results are not improving? Confusion, Confusion, Confusion…


The confusion is not only for you, but it is for everyone. We have been doing a white hat SEO for past 4 months and yes we started achieving results and traffic. But, heartbreak was around the corner, Mr. Penguin; I think he does not like humans. Yes we are humans; we are getting manual and relevant links. We read the Google guidelines. The latest confusion in this part of world is that Google Penguin update is different from Unnatural like penalties. If someone in Webmaster has got the warning for unnatural linking, then it is unnatural link penalty. But if someone has seen the drop in traffic and ranking, then it is Penguin who does not like you. So, how to find out the website being hit by either of both without referring the drop in ranking and Webmaster warning?

Penguin will penalize for low quality links and incorrect anchor phrases. Also it depends heavily on SEO strategy as well. Unnatural link penalty is based on link exchanges, blog networks and paid links.

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