Designing tips to make your blog an attention gainer

Promoting your blog includes several activities like SEO, SMO, Content, and many more things, but it also contains one more essential thing that is look of your blog. To attract and appeal more numbers of visitors, you first work on design of our blog. In first look, it should impress visitors then only visitor will revisit your blog. The prevalent method that numbers of bloggers use is they always change their blog theme, whereas some other bloggers create their own blog theme, create some customizations to already existed theme, or else pay some money to someone to create theme for you. Even if you are paying money any other theme designer, still you should get involved in procedure to confirm that you receive good result. Remain there are some other essential facts that you should know to make your blog attractive. Following are some tips to make perfect theme to your blog.

Brand Formation

Have you used already existed branded image for your blog? If yes, then you might wish to keep sufficient elements of your present design to keep that picture. It is not required that you should an A-list blogger to carry image, which is present in visitor’s mind. If fortunately your blog is developing and your visitors have become alike with brand, which you have placed, you must at least check how moderation in design can make an impact on this.

Difficulty of re-design

Are you thinking to entirely moderate your blog’s look or do you like to maintain some  design elements so that you blog would be remain recognizable for visitors? There is no wrong or right decision; it is only bases on your state of mind and what you require to achieve by re-design. Few bloggers are satisfy with present look of their blog and only interested in refreshing things little bit and doing some upgrading in specific areas. Some other bloggers are giving preference to something new, different from common.

Showcasing best content

Majority of bloggers like to endorse their good work by creating it simple for visitors to search. It helps you by displaying very famous posts, which will help to enhances subscribers and page views and it supports page visitors by making it simple for visitors to search very important information over your blog. There are many several ways to display your good work. Selecting method is completely depending on you but it is something different that you must think about before you begin to work on your blog’s layout therefore, you have proper space.


One of the very essential elements of blog designing is readability. The entire motto of blog is to offer content to subscribers and visitors to read; therefore it is natural that you will wish to make it as simple as you can. Readability can be impacted through elements such as background text, colour, fonts, contrast, whitespace or spacing or white space and typography. The element, which you are including in your blog, must not diminish from subscriber’s ability to observe the content.


At present time, having banner ads on blog is very prevalent thing and salaried text links are too pretty ordinary. Before you grow your blog’s layout and theme, be confirmed to deliberate where all these ads will be placed. In the sense to maintain theme in attractive appearance, the ads will require to match nicely in the design, which you want to vender therefore the design will go in flow as per the work.

Blog designing tips

Designing tips for blog


Few bloggers like to keep similar colour theme while creating new blog theme, whereas other go for something completely different. This too goes back to decide staying constant with picture, which you have been growing or going for whole overhaul of design. in case you are not happy with you present colour scheme, it is might be good idea to do some moderations, to  make this procedure little easy, you can take benefit  of resources which are present such as ColorSchemer or COLOURlovers.

Subscription Options

In order to increase the subscribers numbers which you have get will might want to add links to RSS feed and to your email subscription in significant place on page. It is essential to deliberate before that layout is established. Where you want these icons and links to be located? Be confirmed there is correct space located for them in layout.

Comfort of Navigation

Subscribes will come to your blog from different numbers of pages and majority of time they will not enter by your front page. They might find your posts by search engine or by social media or by link.

Social Media Addition

Majority of bloggers actually use social media in high amount to catch visitors and numbers of chances to optimize their posts and pages for social media traffic through adding widgets, buttons, or particular social media’s links. It is something that you will require to deliberate when deciding on page layout therefore the social media aspects look like they belong to on page and they get attract visitors attention. First of all you will have to decide which social media site you will want to target and they you would need to search widgets or buttons which you wanted to use.

Full excerpts or posts

At few point of time you would need to decide if you wish your front page to showcase full excerpts or posts. While it does not require to be first decision that you can make it. This can have dramatic effect on design and look of your blog’s front page. Numbers of blogs, which showcase excerpts, utilize custom excerpts to actually develop the look of your blog’s home page.

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