Create Facebook Timeline Movie using Timeline Movie Maker

Everyone using Facebook are aware of the ‘Timeline profile.’ If you don’t know about Facebook Timeline, then it is colorful and a beautiful way to show your lifestyle or any thing else in your. The crowd was more attracted to see the new “Timeline Movie Maker.” This helps you to have a video, number of images and many more at your Timeline profile.

Facebook has forced the people to change their older look to the newer look, and because of that most of the people would get angry. We have seen that most of the people have loved this concept and most of them have liked to see the new look and design of their profile.


Let’s see what Timeline Movie Maker is and how to create it:

Timeline Move maker:

Many people would want to show their life through a move and Timeline movie maker helps you to do that. The move maker can develop a move using pictures, events, and videos on their new Timeline profile page. The company announced that this is collaborated with Definition6, in which they have added a simple app known as “Timeline Movie Maker.”

This app helps you to create a 1-minute video that you can make at your Timeline profile. To make this short move more exiting you have music score.

How to create Facebook Timeline Movie?
To create the Time line movie maker you only need a “Timeline Movie Maker” app. It is not at all tough to do that. Follow the steps and you have come out with the best Timeline move.

  1. Login To your Facebook Account and go to “Timeline Movie Maker.”
  2. You will find a green button “Make Your Movie.” Click on that button.
  3. Wait until the app is finished with your movie. It might take few minutes to complete.
  4. After al this process is done you will be seeing the preview of your movie. If you like it, you can share it to your friends and if don’t then you can start over. If you are provided with other options that is “Choose music score.”
  5. There are basically five tracks available now that are original, Nostalgic, Cinematic, Romantic, and Playful.

As this Timeline takes random pictures from your profile, but if you want to remove some of it, then you can remove the image by clicking on the bottom of any of the image that you don’t want to be displayed.

It is a bit time consuming, but it is really a useful tool to create a small movie for your life in Facebook.

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