Content Marketing A New Game For 2014

The year 2013 has seen a few Internet marketing trends those emerge along with different new technologies, buzzwords and practices. One among these changes has come in the structure of various algorithm updates of Google that has forced a number of brands to revisit the existing SEO strategy that they have and provide them the much required face-lift. Another latest focal point emerged from the mobile side and with the fast approached 2014, almost every brand in tailoring their services for the mobile devices. The only thing that stole the spotlight of Internet marketing this year is the content marketing, as this is going to be the hottest trend of this year. Despite of the growth, this year will bring an industry wide and a full fledged adoption of the content marketing practices and standards. Let’s have a look at the changed trend of content marketing that will be implicated on this year.



  • Quality and Trust: These days, the clients only demand the high quality contents. Instead of the blatant self-promotion, the content marketers need to focus on making the copies which takes a completely different spin on the key topics and genuinely addresses the pain-points. Quality vs. quantity is a major debate. So, the contents need to be well written and should be well performed on the basis of the relevance and the merits.
  • Responsive Delivery: Delivering the contents only in the right places, on the right times and at the right times are the keys for delivering the quality content to the right audiences as well as to maximize the ROI. In order to make the efforts of the content marketing more effective, you should adapt the best content strategies for publishing them in all the channels and in all the devices.
  • Topic research and Ideation: With the emergence of the latest Hummingbird algorithm and all the latest changes to the Google Analytics policy, the keyword centric approach are no more that important. Now, it is essential that the writers should factor the topics and themes of the contents during the ideation process, so that the contents not only look good while reading but also perform well in the searches.
  • Performance and Measurement: Tracking performance of the contents would continue to be quite significant to understand which formats, types of material and the topics would hit the home. But you should remember that content marketing is very powerful when done right, but in most of the cases it misses the approach. So, it is essential to be strategic and to measure the results.
  • Exclusivity: Making the contents most sought after and most desirable by creating the exclusive contents would be a very essential strategy in this year. So, whether it is a detailed know how to all the clients those follow you on the social networks or a special infographic for the newsletter, only allowing the special audience to check the contents would create the sense of the added value. With this scarcity, the content marketers would be able to build really strong relationships with their existing clients and would be able to attract the new clients as well.


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