Common Questions Asked For Blogging

Blogging the most common thing that people uses to earn money. Though many people are new to blogs ask many questions. And search in Internet to get there answers. So we have come with all the answers that you need to know before staring blogging.

Let’s see them one by one.


Q1. Why should I use blog? What is it?

Ans. You ask this question when get to known what blog is. So blog is a field where you share your personal thoughts, Ideas, Knowledge or Jokes. In short blog is a way to express you and your feelings.

When you start a blog people get to know about you or your article that you have written in your blog.

Q2. Is Blogging Free?

Ans. As we know every one is frugal so this question becomes obvious to ask. The answer is yes. There are many blogging sites like Blog-spot, Blogger, and WordPress. If you want you can buy your own domain for your blog. So blogging is not at all expensive.

Q3. Can I earn Money from blogging?

Ans. The most widely ask question is this. The answer is yes. For Bloggers, Google have helped them to earn money through AdSense and AdChoice. If suppose you feel that you are getting numbers of visitors at your blog then you can register for AdSense and place ads on your blog.

Google AdSense helps you to earn money by placing the ads on your site. The number f visitors you have the more money you get.

Q4. What are good Blogging Techniques?

Ans. When you see that you are earning money from your blog then you search for better blogging techniques so that you get more visitors. If you want to increase the visitors at your blog then the basic thing that you have to do is.

  • Link Sharing
  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Submission
  • Forum Posting

Link Sharing: –

When you share your link on Social Networking and book marking site you will find the increasing numbers of visitors.

Blog Comments: –

This technique is mostly used to share your link on others website or blog. You first have to make sure the keyword that you are going o use and then comment on the related blog by sharing your link.

Forum Posting: –

This is the most effective and risky way to share your link and keyword. You have to see that you give a proper and relevant answer to the forum, so else you would be considered as a spammer.

These are my answers to the questions that are mostly used from a blogger before the start blogging. So if you have anything to say on this then don’t forget to comment and let us know what you think.

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