Changes That Are To Be Made By Google Panda

Recently Google has announced that that are going to do some changes on their search engine page structure. The change that they are going to do is on the Google Panda which will delete the poor quality content that helps you to manage your website on the top Google Search Engine. This is known as the Content farm.


This is the second time that Google has updated this news. As it is still seen that there are lot’s of people who need to work on their contents. This has also affected the Ranking of the Article submission sites. Therefore you really need to see that does your content satisfy the Content farm. See weather your content is:

  1. Not copied.
  2. There are no spelling mistakes.
  3. Is your Content helpful to others?
  4. Don’t rewrite the content.

You really need to satisfy this when you want to get your article submitted at other site. It is not like older days that Google Panda will accept any of your articles easily. We are hoping to see a lot of changes on the Google search engine algorithm.

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