4 Social Media Tips For Digital Marketers

Over time, social media has redefined the way us humans interact. Everything from the way we communicate to the way we work, how we spend our downtime, and even how we meet new people! It seems to all be affected by social media. In 2016, social media users reached a whopping 2.34 billion! And that […]

Simple Instagram Marketing Tips You Can Use Right Now

Hundreds of millions of people are using Instagram now so it should come as no surprise to see businesses trying to take advantage of this

How to Get Traffic from Google+ to Your Blogs?

In the previous articles, we have discussed about how to drive traffic from twitter and Facebook. Lets discuss how to get traffic from Google+ to your blogs in this posts. Let me clear few things before digging into the details. Why you need to focus on Google+? Google+ is one of the best ways to get traffic to […]

How to Get Twitter Traffic to Your Blogs?

In the previous article on social media, we have covered why social media is the best strategy to use than search engine optimization, we have also discussed how to get traffic from Facebook to your blog posts. We will cover how to get twitter traffic to your blogs in this very article without much ado. How […]

Why Social Media Is Better than Search Engine Optimization?

Great content = Quality Traffic = More Sales When you want to get more traffic to your blog contents, you need to have more online visibility either in social media or in Google. Getting traffic from Google is never an easy task especially when you don’t know how to effectively optimize your contents for the search […]

Strategic Content Writing For Social Media

Good content writing is artistic work and requires brilliant minds. People who can present their thoughts through writing medium in a right manner turn to be the ideal ones. Content writer is a way of connection for few huge companies or organizations with their clients. Social media is a platform where different people from around […]

Mistakes That Need To Be Avoided To Market On Pinterest

Pinterest is speedily emerging and very powerful profitable social media tool for various businesses to pull the traffic on sites. In case you are putting lot of efforts to sale your product on this specific social networking site, however not receiving the aimed results, then probabilities are there you might be doing some mistakes. In […]

Users Revolt Against Google For Shutting Their Services

We have never come across from many complaints held to Google decision each day by Google users, which have put into practice till now by Me Monitor. Google proclaimed on Tuesday that they are going to shut down some services and products of those are iGoogle before the people on July 4th. iGoogle would shut […]

What Is Pinterest And How Can You Use It?

In case yet you have not check Pinterest, well, then you must. Not just because you prefer the stuff going on there, however due to the website handled to go viral after we supposed we had seen it all in other social networks, therefore they did something correct. Very first thing, what is Pinterest? It […]

Now Facebook Syncs Timeline And Email Addresses

Facebook has launched a new initiative, which mechanically syncs your email address and your Timeline address. The program that will be rolling out on the coming some weeks, means that in case your Timeline address is facebook.com/janesmith. 19, then your email address of Facebook will be janesmith.19@facebook.com. Anybody who already chosen an email address will […]