Google Analytics Android App For Bloggers

Google has announced huge addition to Google Analytics that is ‘Mobile App Analytics.’ As per social media-concentrated reported released initially this year, the interest in mobile analytics is clear – in case anything, it may look that Google is bit late in chasing these trends. In this matter, JiaJing Wang the Product manager said the […]

How To Stop Getting Tagged In Images On Facebook?

Facebook is prime networking website, which allows you to make friends from any corner of the world and be in touch with family and friends. Your Facebook friends have the capability to tag you to images they consider similar to you; but few people get carried away and tag your profile in many images that […]

Tips To Use Google+ To Pull Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

There are many bloggers who don’t know but to get good amount of traffic they can also use G+. Therefore to help those bloggers we have come up with five tips to use G+ to pull traffic on your website or blog. Involve with people often – In case you wish people to pay good […]

Google Webmaster Tool Now Gives You Crawl Error Alerts

In the past only Google sent you alerts through Webmaster tools when your website was hacked, got malware on it, required a software upgrade, or had severe spam problems. Google now will send you alerts though Webmaster tools ( and mail it on your id in case you set it up to forward to email) […]

Guidelines To Check Your Leaked Password Of Yahoo! Gmail Or AOL Account

On Thursday Yahoo confirmed its user-generated contributor network Yahoo! The password was stolen from its server of more than 400,000 usernames. But not only with Yahoo email addresses that have been break into even Gmail, MSN, Hotmail, Comcast and AOL accounts have also been hacked. Yahoo Voices allows you to sign in with non-Yahoo email […]

Fasten Your Mac By Defragging the Fragmented Hard Drive

After using Mac for few months it losses good old speed and become a bit slow in processing, it takes longer time in copying, opening, deleting data or moving. Mac users don’t figure out the problem instead they get worried. It is a very common problem if the Mac is running slowly. Major reason of […]

The Guide For Finding An Advertiser In Your Websites

Direct advertising sales are arguably the best method to monetize a website. Finding advertisers for your site and actually closing the deals, however, is not as straight forward. Over the past 6 months I had more than 10 high profile companies sponsoring Daily Blog Tips, and throughout this article I will share what I have […]

The Great Difference Between Google Penguin And Unnatural Links

There is a big doubt and confusion in the SEO space of the difference between both unnatural link penalties and Google Penguin update. One is always confused of these both links. There is a big difference between them is that Penguin is automated and unnatural link notification are manually done by man. So if you […]

Users Revolt Against Google For Shutting Their Services

We have never come across from many complaints held to Google decision each day by Google users, which have put into practice till now by Me Monitor. Google proclaimed on Tuesday that they are going to shut down some services and products of those are iGoogle before the people on July 4th. iGoogle would shut […]

How To Create Keyword in Rich Pages

SEO is all about text, the words on your pages matches the search engine to the queries that is made by the people by using web browser. The page being relevant to a search and shown up by it then the closer query matches to the superior likely hood. Though websites has to be designed […]