Step By Step Process To Make A Joomla Blog

Blogging has become popular and many people use blogging site like Bloggers, WordPress and Joomla to make their website. We are here to let you know about step by step process to create a Joomla blog. Let’s see step by step process to create a Joomla blog: Setup your Blog Section. Plan the design of […]

Learn To Design The Custom Template For Blogger

  To be frank it is not at all easy to create the custom template for your blog. But if you really want to come up with your own template then you have to go through step by step process to design your blog. So let’s follow the steps given by me so that you […]

Step By Step Process To Build WordPress Website

One of the biggest ways to create website is WordPress (WP). We have seen that many people have registered to WP account, but don’t know how to create website. We are here to let you know about the ways to create website through WP. Register your Domain Name The first step you have to do […]

Basic Elements That Blog Designers Need To Remember

Hi, Everybody. I have few questions for you guys. Q.1. What do you see when ever you visit the blog? This question is asked because most of the bloggers really don’t know about what the visitors want. The answer for this question is that, visitors see the design of the blog first. So it is […]

Key Features Need To Remember Before Redesigning The Blog

  It is seen that redesigning the blog is really important, because of the number of content added to the blogs leaves you with no options left. Redesigning the blog means making something new and attractive without repeating the mistakes. Blog Design is really important thing so that we could get better visitors. To redesign […]

5 Best Website Designing Tools

If you are a website designer it is obvious that you would choose a tool to develop a website. There are many tools or say framework available for designing websites. We are here to discuss about most famous and easy to use tools that can help you to develop a website. So let’s see them […]

Mistakes made By The Designers In Their Blog

If you are planning design a blog then it is really important to know a basic knowledge of designing and few dos and don’ts of it. There are many concepts that you can use to design a website, but then also people are found to make mistakes. So let’s see the common mistakes that designers […]

What You Have To Know About HTML 5

You must know HTML stands for what, still we would like tell because there are might be some new born bloggers. HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language, and this is the very prevalent language, utilizing to build web page. The basic HTML construction is made of tags; however you can too insert videos, images, and […]

Blog Design Tips To Lessen Your Site Loading Time

The loading time of site is one of the very essential elements impacting on its usability; majority of web users will only skip a website overall in case it fails to appear within some seconds. People who are easy yet effectual ways to make sure that your site is moving fast. Image formats – Despite […]