PPC Interview Questions And Answers For Excellent Interview

Pay-per-click advertising is prevalently known as PPS. It is a type of online advertising where visitors are shifted towards an advertiser’s website for clicking on any advertisement and the advertiser wages for every visitor on a per click basis. Every click can be done anywhere from one pence to various pounds in price, based on […]

PPC Interview Questions

If you are going for an SEO interview and you don’t know about PPS and CPC then you should start learning about it. We have come with some of the basic and the important question that you need to know about PPC. Q.1: What role does Quality Score (QS) plays in Google Search Engine Ranking? […]

Increase Your Blog Revenue By Retargeting

When people are asked about Retargeting on Internet then they get blanked and say, what is it? Retargeting is the method to find the ratio visitors that have visited your ads on your website. If you want to get that then you can add a small snippet JavaScript on your website so that you get […]