Bounce rate – scale that measures site response

Online marketing activity many small but important aspects and to be expert in this you need to know detail knowledge about internet marketing. People who know what is online marketing, they only know that it contains SEO, SMO, SEM, content and some more prime factors but these are the tools which are used by person to showcase any aspect to around the world but once you finish utilization of all tools, then it is a time to see are people coming on your site or blog? Are people staying of your blog or site for some time? Checking all these things is too important, because it is an indirect feedback from people. Web analytics tools means Google Analytics offers you much insight into that you can know how your blog or site is performing.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate of website

However, the prime key metric, which is useful for any kind of site, is bounce rate. The bounce rate figure can tell you that whether people are getting things, which they need the moment they land on your site, and whether visitors are receiving interest from your site’s content, and encouraging to roam on your whole site.

Do you have e-commerce site? Because this Google tool is specifically beneficial for e-commerce sites. The reason is, Bounce rate counts how much time visitors are staying over your site, how much time they are engaging with site, though how much they like your service and products.

Through in this article we are going to search how you can measure bounce rate, why this bounce rate is so much essential factor for your site, and what is ideal bounce rate that you need to maintain.

What is Bounce Rate

This Google analytics tool check how many people have arrived on your site in a day, which page they were viewing for much time and many more things regarding visitors, this type of visit is known as bounce.

To measure site’s bounce rate of a specific period, you should divide bounces numbers from site’s total bounces numbers during particular period and after that multiply it with 100. E.g. like your site got one thousand visits in one day (24 hours) and you got three hundred bounces . Then bounce rate of your site is 300/1000*100 = 30%

Here you can too measure every page’s bounce rate, just like if around one thousand people enter in the site through one particular page and about three hundred visitors went out from site without checking any other page of site then your site’s that page’s bounce rate would be 30%.

How bounce rate is essential?

Generally bounce rate means numbers of visitor entered in site, one view they have taken of landed page, then decide is it  correct or useful and then left. So, the bounce rate educates you about whether visitors are getting something useful from your site or not. Following are some common rule

High bounce rate

It recommends that your site visitors are not getting their desired need for which they have arrived over site, if they not find they go to other site or search engine to find needed thing.

Low bounce rate

This showcases that your site is receiving correct target audience, the accurate audience for whom you have made this site. Visitors come and start exploring your site for long time.

In case you have opened online store, then there are chances that you will get high bounce rate because visitors come to your site they do not go by sales process. Similar to that If the aim of your site is to guide visitors regarding signing up in your newsletter, then you get high bounce rate, which is a signal that your site is not working properly or else site is catching wrong type of visitors.

But, getting high bounce rate is not always bad. E.g. In case your site is majorly information providing then it is common because people come to your site, read it and then they just leave from site.

Similarly, if you aim of your site to receive call from visitors on sales line then it is obvious that you will get much bounce rate, because visitors come and leave to call you on sales number.

But, what so ever, it is a beneficial you if your site’s bounce rate is low, for that you need to engage your visitor in your site. E.g. you may want visitors to make comment on article, or register for newsletter.

What is ideal bounce rate?

Therefore, you must be thinking how much should be bounce rate, or what is ideal bounce rate? Some of you must have guessed from above information. It is difficult to say one particular figure of bounce rate because it is highly differ from one site to another, market to market.

According to common rule, if you are operating a site that undoubtedly expect visitors like online store then site’s bounce rate might be 20 to 50%. Whereas, in case your goal about numbers of visitors have been completed just by one of the pages of site like getting phone number or getting valuable article, then you can certainly expect bounce rate about 60 – 70%.

Therefore, in this article you have got important information regarding what is bounce rate, how you get it, what should be the bounce rate and some more. Observe your site and do needful changes if you are getting high bounce rate and accomplish your goal.

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