Blogging Tips For Getting More Backlinks Through Commenting

Whenever you are new to the market of Internet business, you create a blog. Most of the people use WordPress and BlogSpot to create a blog because it is really easy to design your blog. After designing your blog you write articles, videos and images to post on the blog.

If you want to share your blog and ideas to people then the best way is publishing your blog on social media website. You can use Twitter, Facebook to publish your blog and let the people know about you and your blog. Doing this would give you a great traffic at your blog.


What if you want your blog to be the top ranking of Google search engine? If you get your blog on the top of Google Search engine then you will get natural traffic. For that you need to share the backlinks. So many people search for, what is backlink? The answer for them is, “A link that you share your link to some other website having high page rank.” When you share your link you will get vote in Google search engine.

So when you get more and more votes the more you get noticed on the Google Search Engine. The most common way to more backlink is to start commenting. To do that you can search for the other blog related to your post and keywords and write a relevant and professional comment on that Blog. The only thing that you have to remember that never put a spam comment on other blog. This is because bloggers always fell better if they find and comment at their blog.

Before commenting on others blog remember to read the blog and try to comment it. It’s true that it takes time, but the comment that you will add is relevant to the post on the blog. This will also help you to hit your blog at the top page of Google search engine. The main thing to remember is comment mostly on do-follow link.

The question that how would a backlink creates when you comment on another’s blog? It’s obvious that when ever you comment on do-follow link the reader who read your comment can follow your blog through the link that you have posted a comment on. This is the way hoe a backlink is created.

This is not the only way to get a better backlink. For more better it  is beneficial if you check the blog’s page rank and inbound link on that blog. So it is also important for you to get a better page rank blog to comment on.

So only commenting doesn’t matters, you have to check weather the site is do-follow or no-follow and also see the page rank of the website. If can get many tools to see the page rand and do-follow or no-follow blog for your browsers. There are tools like ‘No-DoFolloe1.1’, SEO Statues Page-Rank/Alexa Rank and many other tools bars.

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