Blogging Site Pro And Cons – Know It Before You Start Blogging

Nowadays you might see that most the people have their own blog. With the help of the blog people usually try to spread the world about the latest news, gossip, and other business related information. Blogging is nothing but a look alike of website. The only difference is that you can see is that websites created are mostly unique and whereas blogs are monatomic.

Over here we will look after what is blog and what is a website. In short we are going to compare blog with website. As you know that blog and website are totally different. Let’s see what is a blog and what is a website:


What is Blog?

Blog is nothing but a type of website that helps you to make your work easy. There is no need for having any knowledge of coding. There are number of blog site from where you can create your own blog. Blog helps you in creating your own blog site. Having your own blog you gain a lot of befits. They are:

  • You can easily post content in no time.
  • Updating the blog becomes easy.
  • You can easily get your own domain in low cost.
  • Creating blog site can be done in no time.
  • Easily design using themes.
  • You can also use plug in.

These are some of the benefits of having a blogging site. Now it’s time to see some cons:

  • As blog contains themes, it becomes hard to make your own design.
  • You cannot make your blog site, as you need it to.
  • Problems occur at the time of hosting.
  • Designing is monatomic.

These are the cons of blogging website.  Overall blogging is really an easy way to express your thoughts to others. It takes hardly few minutes to start a blog.

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