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What if you can be a celebrity one day and people will join your fan page. It seems like a dream and many people cherish for such dreams. Even I cherish for the same. People try many fields to master and want to be treated as the celebrity of that field. But to be very frank it’s hard to achieve such milestones. Some people get celeb stuff from their big star parents while others make their own way to the top with enormous hard work, talent and struggle.

Be an Online Celebrity

It is always fascinating to think of being a celebrity but it always is tough to be there. In the world of Bullet trains people seems to have lost the patience. So we are going to tell few easy steps that can promote you as a celebrity among loads of masses. Blogging; Yes the word and the field is blogging. Blogging seems to have grown as a great field of name and fame game. People write for their interests, which makes them famous. The question arises here why blogging is so famous and the simple answer is the world has awesome amount of readership. It is working on the rule of Demand and Supply. If there is a demand you will find the supplier. People are crazy about good writings. Writing is a very vast subject. A writer can write for any subject in which his/her interest lies.

There have been good online writers who have taken this as a profession and are running their small business. Writers are writing about various subjects such as from Gardening to buildings, from paper craft to mobile engineering, from headache to severe diseases and more. You just need to select the category on which you can provide the relevant and real information to the masses. People are hungry for knowledge and they will read the blog. A good executive blog can gain good amount of fan following.

One can use various sources to promote his/her blog. The sources such as social networking sites are pretty common these days. You share your article with your friends and if they like your article than they share it with their friends. This way the chain builds up and your article can be spread as a virus. In most ad agency they call it Viral Marketing. One thing is for sure; to promote your articles you need to have good amount of friend list. The more people see your article the more it will be shared. Also always be nice to the people who are commenting on your article. They may comment nonsense or something that you would not like but keep patience and respect every one. This way you can be an online celebrity but as the uncle of Spiderman told that with great power comes great responsibility. So be a responsible online celebrity and spread good and knowledgeable articles and posts.

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