Best WordPress Theme That You Can Get

It really becomes hard when you choose the theme for your blog. The best thing to do is to get some of the themes that you like and see each one of them and choose the best one that can suit your blog.

If you really have problem for choosing the theme then no need to worry, we are here to help you out. We have come up with the top 5 Themes that are really impressive and will give a different look to your blog. Let’s see these themes one by one.


1.       Agency WP Theme

This Agency WP Theme is the best theme that helps you to put a stylish feel to your blog. It is a magazine style theme that wraps your content in a beautiful manner. It has some of the newest feature in the WP themes.

On the home page you can find the slideshow that switches with any of the four images that you want to slide. For a small ads and text you can find a side bar with the 140 pixels. Not only, this theme supports the WP 3.0 menu style.

2.       Timeline WordPress Theme

This is something interesting to see. As compare to the Facebook Timeline, WP has also designed the theme that looks similar to the FB Timeline.

You can find a category called as Featured that helps you to highlight 4 items in the headline. It does not end here, if you want you can also change the category, logo, icons of Social Media, and many others, that is too easy to change.

3.       WP Paintbrush

WP Paintbrush theme has built in editing panel. This build-in editing panel allows you to create the unique and a better design pattern. It is not at all tough to design the blog even for the beginner.

This theme has the maximum customizable facilities that allow you to customize your blog to something new. The only thing that need is the WordPress version 3.0 and +.

4.       Option Tree

This Option tree theme is really awesome and this theme has solved the problem of admin User Interface issues. With the help of Option tree you can create as many themes that you want to create that is required for your project.

You can get this theme for free and it also needs a WP v3.0.

5.       Angular Theme

This theme allows you to show the world the neat and clean portfolio site. This theme supports the bbPress Forum and it is built on the Avia Framework. It totally has a 28 predefined skins, colour, and fonts. If you want to build your website in no time then the template builder helps you to do this. This is a premium them that cost for only $35 and needs WordPress 3.1.

All the above are the best theme that you can use when you want to create your own blog site.

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