Best Google Analytics Applications For Android

What if you are out and want to check your Analytic report? You might want an Android app for checking your analytic report. There are many apps that you can be find, but we have the best one for you.

gAnalytics BETA:

gAnalytic BETA is the best app for checking your analytic report anywhere and any time. As this one comes in a BETA version, therefore we can get more and more features. If you are thinking that this app will cost you, then you might wait and see that this app is for free.


More then 600 users have rated this app 5 out of 5. This app has lots of great features as:

  • You have a secure login with the help of android account manager.
  • You can easily see charts.
  • You can also check the panel, content, visitors, and E-commerce.

Except this, the app also allows you to access:

  • Authorization credential of your account.
  • Easy to manage your Account list.
  • Full Internet access.

Other than an app we have also come up with a widget, which can directly be placed at your Android phone desktop, so that you don’t need to log to the application every time. The widget will show the continuous update of your website traffic (Whenever you are in Internet range). Below is the best Google Analytics widget for your Android Phone.


mAnalytics Widgets:

If you want to check your website’s action and also the Google Analytics data on your Android screen then mAnalytics is the best widget for you. Similar to the gAnalytic this widget cost you for free. This widget helps you to see the page view of your choice.


For this widget more then 200 users has rated it 5 out of five, and more then 200 users has rated it 4 out of 5. The BETA version of this widget has been released and it cost for few dollars.

These are the two best Analytics tool that you can get for your Android device. We will get back to you as soon as we get other best apps for you.

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