Best Facebook Games-2012

Facebook has got people together and has helped to know each other. Facebook have lots of apps and games. Facebook games have become famous day by day and for those people who are always online to play games on Facebook, we have come of with the best Facebook games 2012.

Follow the list of all:

  1. Gardens Of Time:

This game is what comes in number one. This game is developed by Playdom. When you play this game you have to search for hidden items at the particular spot. If you don’t get it, then you can find hints.  It also have array of puzzle that you can modify.


  1. The Sims Social:

This game is developed by Playfish. In this game you can fight to other Sims and can also boot their trashcan.

  1. Farmville:

This game is developed by Zynga. Farmville is most popular game with 57 million active users. In this game you can manage, create and organize your farm.

  1. Mafia War 2:

This is a Social unity game developed by Zynga. In this game you can compete with your friends or else go head to head with opposite to the Tetris.

  1. Bingo Blitz:

This is a fast paced and high action game developed Buffalo Studio.

  1. Map story adventure:

This game is developed by NixonAmerica. While playing the game you can also interact along with your friends and your parties with attractive way.

  1. Indian Jones Adventure World:

This is another game developed by Zynga and come under social adventure genre. In this game the Character Indian Jones joins the adventure to setup a base cam so that they can explore the ancient shell.

  1. Pixel Junk Monster Online:

This is a Social unit game developed by Q-Games. In this game you have to defeat and expand your territory.

  1. Hidden Haunt:

This game is developed by Making Fun, Inc. In this game you can make your mystery, search for hidden objects and can also solve paranormal cases.

  1. Black Wood And Belly Mystery:

This is another mystery game developed by Playdom. You can travel all around the world, find hidden objects, and can also spot clues to halt immoral villains.

So now you know about all the games that you can have. Play all and make it y our favorite.


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