Anyone Can Write SEO Articles, Just Follow The Guidance

Writing for search engines can be really difficult and challenging. It is not always the use of language that one can blame if the page is not ranked on the search engine. I have seen many forums and blogs where people are finding the proper way for how to write SEO articles. Sometimes, Writers and bloggers forget some important things which are basic and should be practiced from early stages. Once you will implement these methods to your daily life SEO article writing style, you will definitely see changes and positive result.


While approaching to start writing a SEO article or guest post, one needs to remember the importance of the keywords. For example if is writing a post for describing the SEO writing style then he/she should concentrate on targeted keywords. Search for Google keyword external tool. Type in your keyword and on the left hand side, deselect broad and select exact. Now click on search. You will see the insights for the keyword you typed. The insights will be in terms of Global Monthly search and Local Monthly search. Global Monthly search denotes to the world while local monthly search denotes to the area which you have selected.

One needs to be very calculative for finding the keywords. The insight has another statistics called Competition which are described by either high, medium or low. This tells how much ratio of other relevant websites are targeting the same keyword. If the Global Monthly Search for your keyword is 30,000 than being calculative we need to manipulate this equation into per day traffic. Dividing 30000 by 30 we get 1000. That means if the selected keyword is ranked in the top ten of the search engine then we have a good chance of thriving good traffic to the website per day.

Always remember when you write for SEO article, select one main keyword and some supportive keywords. Manage the keyword density accordingly. For instance, if i am writing for a 500 word article and i need to put one main keyword and three supportive keywords then i will stuff 4-5 main keywords and two number of times my supportive keywords.

This way we can perform better Onpage technique for writing an SEO article which in turn will help to ease out the offpage task.

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