AdSense – Great online revenue source

How AdSense Is Better?

Less traffic needed –

Most of the people who are involved in online business, suppose that if we have AdSense that means our site should get huge traffic but actually it is not like that AdSense is not just large traffic. Less traffic can also give you ten to twenty dollar in every month. Monetization methods and Affiliate marketing needs high traffic.

Less time – Applying AdSense over blog does not require more than five minutes. You just require putting code in the sidebar widget or correcting plugin, and Google will manage rest of the things. Affiliate marketing in difference, can take some hours for every post and extra effort would be required for Email marketing.


‘Safe’ Ads and Targeted –

Google’s AdSense is always good than other types of ad networks due to ads are concentrated as per reader and content and there are about no ‘unsafe’ ads such as other networks.

No buying included –

Other monetization theories need people to purchase products. Right now chances of anyone clicking on ads are very much higher than purchasing product because he is not expending money. It makes creating revenue simpler as opposed to theories needing sales.

How to enhance AdSense Revenue without decreasing numbers of readers –

The very big lose that Blog tyrant made is you start losing your readers due to AdSense. This is a first thing that you need to consider while using AdSense. Majority of visitors who do a click over ads do not return to site and you certainly lose one reader. However, this does not like that you must go and delete all the ads, which are present over your blog. The important thing is to target more numbers of people. But how can you know that what are you targeted people so to find that

Follow below steps –

  • Open new tab
  • And go to Google Analytics or else go for tracking software that you use.
  • Then after click to search engines below traffic sources.
  • Equate the bounce rate by other sources of traffic.

You will surely found that search engine contains high bounce rate. It is due to search visitors visit site for immediate info and went out in less time after getting desired thing. No purchases, no subscriptions.

Most of the visitors of search engine when visit one particular site, it is not sure that they will remember that site and visit it again. In all this only prove that you can display AdSense to search engine visitors. Visitors o search engine too incline to make a click over ads more frequently as compared to constant readers. Right now, they are not pledging and are bouncing in any way then what is use in giving try to recollect them? It is like a win win planning to display ads to visitors of search engine.

There is one more nice strategy that displays AdSense over earlier posts. Majority of constant readers see new posts just and displaying earlier posts will not hurt them. you can utilize below WordPress plugins to display AdSense ads just to old traffic or search engine.

Old Post’s ads –Ads for Old Posts is easy plugin which will let you show ads just on posts old than some days. Only insert the code, select alignment and done.

Who sees Ads – it is one more effective advertising plugin just for WordPress. It gives you chance to select several of conditions when to show. Interface is very much easy and simple to drop and drag. Only give term to ad block, put your rules, insert code, and then after add it to template tag in your theme. However, all the features provided you couldn’t criticize.

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