Adding Facebook in WordPress

WordPress is one of the better way to execute your website or blog. Many companies, organization, people uses this platform to showcase their products, services or themselves in front of large internet masses. What is so good about wordpress then? The answer is that every wordpress site or blog is always already Google friendly. This helps to get the search engine ranks.

Facebook in WordPress


In the newer decade; 2011; we have seen the enormous growth of SMO (Social Media Optimization). Now people or organization can get showcase themselves to the correct target audience in less time. They don’t have to wait to get their pages rank on search engine and than people will visit their blog. They just need to create a social media page; built a communication strategy and get the large amount of fan following. This will help the blog go viral. Yes! This is it, Social Media helps the blog or application or program go viral. People likes and share. It is always an important tool to utilize.


Suppose I have a video and I want to promote it. I will put it in my Youtube channel and share it with my friends there and on other social media sites. It is so much time saving. Unique content or quality content is always appreciated.


Get The Facebook Like or Share Plugin :


Facebook offers variety of plugin that can be integrated with your wordpress blog. Plugins such as, Comment Boxes, Facebook Login, Like button, Share Button and many more.


Nevertheless, many third party programs can offer customized FB plugins. We would personally recommend adding a facebook login button. It is proven fact that people hate registering and filling long forms. You can add this button so that the masses can communicate with you directly using facebook.


Facebook offers another plugin and that is Facebook Analytics. You can integrate this plugin with your website, apps or blog and this will help you manage and see the stats about the respective. This feature is a great source if your business highly depends on facebook and it will always help you to strategize better.


It is not just about Facebook, you should always look for newer ways to promote your blog or website socially. Twitter is another good social website. It also helps to get you social.


Therefore, the more social is your website or blog, the more traffic it can generate.


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