Add Forum To Your Existing WordPress Blog

Hello friends, few days back we have discussed about how to make money online through forum, but this article will help you to know about how you can add a forum to your existing WordPress blog.

We know that most of the people might be interested in knowing this. To so that you can use bbPress plug-in that works as a standalone forum script for WordPress blog.

Let’s see how you will add a forum to your existing WordPress Blog.

Step One:


The foremost step is to download the bbPress plug-in and after that uploading it to your wp-content->plugins through ftp. To get a free ftp client you can download Filezilla.

If you want to upload the plug-in directly, then you have to go the WP admin ->Plugins->Add New->Upload->Install Now.

After you do this they will ask you for ftp setting. After your upload the plug-in go to Plugins-> activate. Now you will see a new menu item at your wp-admin.

Step Two:


The second step is to activate the theme. As bbPress has all the latest versions of Twenty Ten theme, hence go to Appearance->Theme->Activate Theme.

Step Three:


After you have activated the theme, it’s time to Add Forum. To add forum you have to go to New Form and name it as you want it to. If you want you can add as many forums you want.

You can also add a Forum and a Sub-Form i.e. a child form that will help to categorize it. You just have to remember that what ever you add in the Form should be relevant so that people would reply to that.

Step Four:


After you go through this entire step you can now upload widgets by going to wp-admin->login->Appearance-> Widgets. You will find number of bbPress Widgets.

After all this now you can start adding your Forum Topic. This is how you can install Forum at your WordPress blog. We hope that you will follow this to add a Form to your WP blog.

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