5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Domain Name

Domain name is what makes your blog stand out from the crowd.

If your domain name is easy to remember, it can grab more people attention and can bring you more traffic in the long run. Because when someone lands on your blog, they’ll look out what domain name you’ve. If it’s easy to remember, they’ll surely type in Google or Bing to reach your blog. If your domain name is hard to remember, they may never find you!

So, it’s crucial point to remember that your domain name should be as easy as possible. Ask yourself the following questions before considering to buy a domain name for your blogs.

Is it easy to remember?

Is your domain name going to be remembered easily? Do people remember your domain name just by visiting your blog once (or twice)? If your domain name is easy to pronounce and remember, you’ll definitely have great results in the long run. Because, more people will remember your domain name even by visiting your blog limited number of times.

Is it easy to type?

Don’t consider buying looong and boring domain names.

Two reasons.

They’re not easy to remember and they’re hard to type on your browser address bars.

Keep your domain name to a limited number. Anywhere around 12 to 15 characters in a domain name is good.

Is the domain name suits your niche?

This is a must ask question to yourself when you’re decided to buy a domain name for your blog. Analyze your niche once before digging into more results. Know who is your competitors are and consider how to grab a better domain name without hitting by Exact Match Domain names (EMD by Google!).

This way you’ll have more edge to bring search traffic, you can’t put a domain name as ‘tech blog.com’ for a productivity blog, right?

So, always consider your niche, before buying a domain name for your websites.

Domain name with .com extension

.com extension is a must if you want to get more out  of your domain names. Because most people who surf online will prefer hitting .com extension with your domain names.

Do you know how zenhabits.net lost so much of traffic by just having a .net extension? More people landed on zenhabits.com instead of zenhabits.net, thus giving more traffic and visitors to zenhabits.com!

Don’t do this mistake with your domain name. Always prefer a domain name with .com extension to get more traffic from the online web surfers.

Where to buy?

This is also one of the best things to consider before choosing a domain name. Don’t buy your domain name and web hosting from the same company. Why?

Because, when the service who is providing domain name and hosting for your websites lose bandwidth for a bad reason, you could lose the readers browsing your site at that time.

Instead, consider buying domain name and web hosting from two different sites, if if one service fails, you can still make your readers read your blog.

And choose quality companies like Namecheap.com or NameSilo.com to buy your domain names. You could get the domain names (general domain names) for just $10/year.

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