5 Blogging Tips that Will Make You A Productive Blogger

Most new bloggers don’t understand how valuable their online time is. They simply spend time wasting online be it on Facebook, twitter or YouTube.

If you look at the history of most successful bloggers – almost everyone has utilized their time to the large extents. So, it’s no doubt – the effective time utilization is the key to succeed online.

Here are few blogging tips that will make you a productive blogger.

1. Stop multi-tasking: You really can’t achieve anything by doing so many things at a time. Don’t open Facebook tab when you’re writing a blog post. It makes your writing even worse and you’ll take hours of time to finish one single blog posts. Because human brains are capable of doing only single task at a time (one can’t use his time effectively by doing multi-tasking). So avoid doing too many things at a time, and focus only on one thing. By doing this, it will not only allow you to get the things done more faster – it will also make you a productive blogger.

2. Outsource few things: Outsource few blogging related things which you’re not so good at or which consumes more time. It’s always a better choice to hire a logo designer or writer instead of focusing more writing/designing stuff. If you’re working somewhere and blogging as a part-timer, then you must consider outsourcing your business. Because you can NOT always find it easy cope up with your projects like

  • writing blog posts
  • taking care of your network
  • creation of infographics, videos or podcasts
  • doing seo things on your blog posts etc
So consider outsourcing your blog or online businesses, but make sure you’re giving your outsource tasks to the reliable people who can take of your blog.

3. Avoid online distractions: For anyone who is working online, one of the biggest enemies online is – distractions. You simply can’t get away all those Facebook, email or YouTube distractions when you open them first thing in the morning. It’s about how you start a day. Create todo lists to finish your most priority things. Todo lists can definitely make you a productive blogger.

4. Take regular breaks: You can’t spend your time effectively without having regular breaks. Don’t force yourself to work 4 hrs continuously without having a break. You must work in small blocks and taking breaks in between those blocks to become more productive blogger. Taking regular breaks not only give you a boost in your productivity, it’ll also get rid of your eye strain. Get some fresh air or have a walk while you’re taking breaks in between.

Note: Don’t open Facebook or emails while you’re taking rest. It makes your tasks even worse.

5. Declutter your working space: Do you know your working space matters a lot to boost your productivity as a blogger? If your working space is cluttered with the phone, flowers, eating stuff etc – you definitely can’t work effectively. Make your working space clean and simple. Your working space should motivate you to work more productively. This way you can become a better productive blogger.

Over to you:

How do you manage your blogging related things online? How do effectively utilize your online time? Please share them below..

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