3 Writing Tips to Help You Write Better And Faster

Who else wants to write better (yet faster) blog posts?

If you think your blog posts are not up to the mark.. start developing your writing skills. Soon you’ll notice better results on your blog. You’ll see more blog comments, subscriber count, product sales etc.

That’s the importance of having great writing skills.

So how can you write more better and faster?

Here are the 3 simple yet effective tips to write faster blog posts.

1. Practice free writing: This is what most prolific writers do all the time to enhance their writing skills to the next level. FREE WRITING can boost your writing skills.

Let me tell you more clearly about free writing.

You just need to focus on writing on ANYTHING.

I mean anything. That can be about your cat, laptop, mobile, blog post etc (anything).

Whatever comes into your mind.. put into a paper, or notepad.

Just write on that topic.

Don’t think about making it error free. Keep on writing.

This is called ‘free writing’

One of the best ways to improve your writing skills as well as copywriting skills!

2. Write. Don’t edit: One of the simple (yet costliest) mistakes while writing is this: editing while writing.

Never (ever) edit while you write. Because it takes more time. I’m sure there are many perfectionists around us who don’t want to publish crappy content to their readers. But when you edit all the time while you’re writing.. you’re doomed. You can NEVER write faster blog posts.

Let me clear one thing here.. writing faster blog posts doesn’t mean producing crappy content.

Personally I can create wonderful blog posts when I’m writing faster. That’s the secret of writing better yet faster articles for your blog.

Don’t edit.

Make sure you’re in writing mood.. and just write.

Editing will come in the next phase, once you finished writing, you can edit the content.

Don’t edit as if you’re a writer, but as an editor. By doing this you can edit ruthlessly. You can avoid fluffy words by doing so. Don’t make your content lengthy by writing useless words. Make it simple. Your readers will reading it then.

3. Use distraction free writing tools: I personally like ZenWriter. It’s one of the best distraction free writing tools available at present. BTW you can download zenwriter for FREE here.

Why should you be using distraction free writing tools

Because you can stay focused.

When you’re using the cluttered tools to write.. there’ll be more chances of getting distracted from writing. Hence you’ll take more time to finish a single article on your blog.

When you use the distraction free writing tools like zenwriter, ommwriter etc you’ll find more easy to write faster blog posts (almost every time). I strongly suggest you to use these tools if you’re serious about blogging (or writing).

Extra tip:

Whenever you’re writing make sure your surroundings are clutter free. This is really important factor to consider before you’re writing.

When you’re surrounded by all the useless stuff, you won’t find it inspiring to write better, hence it leads to writing crappy content. Don’t eat where you’re working (writing).

What do you think about writing better blog posts? Do you’ve any tips to write better?

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