3 Free Tools to Check The Websites Of Your Competitors

It’s a bit of weeks we though to share with you these Google Chrome’s 5 extensions valuable to study competitor websites.

See traffic with Sapari, how many people are visiting a website. Through voting you will get to know the PageRank in Google Search Engine that assigns to the site. With Woorank explore all the weakness, virtues, and little more planned information for every website. By YSlow you can find what slowing down speed of the site and how to progress with BuiltWith discover, which platform was made on a website and which technologies to utilize. These extensions are valuable in many cases and in case you utilize Google Chrome as a browser, I recommend you to download it free: Download Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome


To check out about how to transfer your competitors, however don’t wish to spend dollar that is what you have to learn life, miracles, and death. We repeat you that Google Chromer download extensions should:

Click over the wrench that placed in upper right>>

Then after click on the Toots and Tools >>

Lastly, click over Extensions and Extensions >>

Additions for Chrome

On the page, which opens will go down and click on the Get More Extensions

 web-toolsNow get yourself on a page like. On the left there are all categories. There are just applications for webmasters also tools, communication, productivity, tools for news, and games.

Google-Chrome-Extensions-PageGoogle Chrome Extensions Page

Actually, now you are here where we can begin looking for our extensions.

Let’s Begin
 1. See Traffic To Notice The Daily Report –

To understand the daily visits of your competitor websites, seeing traffic can support you. This tool utilizes algorithms, which forecast fairly right how many hits a website gets every day. This tool will permit you to get an idea of traffic got from a website. Therefore in case you wish to utilize this information as a yardstick among you and then continue to write Imagine traffic in the search bar that placed at top left side or directly click on the application page.

Google-Chrome-web-store Once you click on the enter you land on a page life this the below one.

Page Extension Visualize Traffic

Therefore, click on extension and then after install it through clicking on the button that places on top right. In this mechanical extension on your Google Toolbar will set like this in the picture:

Google Chrome Toolbar

Now you are prepared to go and see how number of visits every website gets the web. Allow me to know in case you get it useful or in case you have concerns utilizing it. From now onwards, we will believe that you know how to fix extensions in Google Chrome and after that move to recommend other valuable applications to detective on your competition.

2. PageRank For Google Looks You Know How –

PageRank is one of the elements that keep us active at night. With the PageRank tool Google offers us a 0 to 10 scale where ten is Google. By this tool you will always understand what is the vote, which Google offers to any web page.


3. Woorank For Noticing The Weakness And Virtues-

Now we have come to one of our completely favourite: WooRank. It is a super-depth analysis tool of any web page you will offer you. By this tool you can surely get know that what matters to develop your website based on your competitor’s weakness.

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