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5 WordPress Plugins to Secure Your Blog

No matter how hard you work on your blogs, you should be protecting your WordPress sites from the hackers. Or else you’d be scolding yourself for not securing your blog. WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS (Content Management System) in the blogosphere, but hackers and/or crackers can hack into your site either by; guessing your […]

3 Writing Tips to Help You Write Better And Faster

Who else wants to write better (yet faster) blog posts? If you think your blog posts are not up to the mark.. start developing your writing skills. Soon you’ll notice better results on your blog. You’ll see more blog comments, subscriber count, product sales etc. That’s the importance of having great writing skills. So how […]

How to Become A Problogger?

Who Is A Real Problogger? Okay I’m not talking about Darren Rowse. Here’s the simple definition of a professional blogger. The blogger who focuses on solving others problems is a a real problogger. Hands down, professional bloggers focus more on solving readers problems than solving their own problems. So how to become a problogger? Go where […]

How to Make Your Blog Design As Sexy As Madonna?

Content is king. Content without a great blog design is as similar as a king without proper clothes. Blog design matters a lot when you want to make more money from your blogs. You should focus on few things that will play a vital role in your blog design. So what are those secrets? How […]

How to Beat Writer’s Block? 6 Unique Ways to Do It Better

Writer’s block, blogger’s block are all the same. Once they occur you don’t feel like writing anything. One thing most bloggers or writers forget while they’re in writer’s block is this: it is COMMON. Almost every blogger will face writer’s block. Even the prolific writers face writer’s block every once in a while. Then how […]