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How To Send Big Files Over Internet?

Wow! One of friend has good music collection and I want them through Internet, but the files are big, so how would he send big files to me over Internet? Is this what you are thinking, then wait because and read this article, because we have answer for how to send big files over Internet? […]

Google Map Got Back The Traffic Data

The traffic data is back again in Google maps. Yes, Google map has got the traffic data back with much better features as compared to the previous version. On July 2012, Google map removed this traffic data from the Google maps web based version. The reason behind removing this one was the prediction of the […]

Google Has Launched Their Account Activity Tool

After making lots of updates, Google has launched their new account activity tool so that you can look for your monthly activity of your account. To do that, you just have to sign in to their service. Through e-mail the user can now optimize their reports. If you want to the report, then you will […]

How To Check Website Traffic Without Analytics?

Hello everyone! This might be one of the major questions of almost all the blogger about how to check website traffic without Analytics? As you must know that you can find traffic estimation services so that you can check the page view and unique visitors. You can get the traffic estimation services from Compete, Quantcast, […]

Google AdSense Added More Controls On Ad Review Center

As everyone can see that Google is coming up with lots of changes this year so that they can make them better. Recently Google has announced that they have enhanced the control and effectiveness of an AdSense blog. Google AdSense has come out with some changes and they are as follows: 1.      They Have Renamed […]

Tips To Optimize Your PPC For SBM

We have seen that from small to big business powered pay per click (PPC), which is also known as cost per click, so that they can get sales for their websites and can make online conversation. It is seen that most of the companies invest on paid ads, but they forget to learn a bit […]

LinkedIn Updated “People You May Know” and “Endless Scroll” Features

On Tuesday, LinkedIn announced the new update made on the “People You May Know” feature. They have pinched the new “People You May Know” feature with better look, easy and perfect suggestion. This update was announced in the LinkedIn’s blog. The new update has made it easier to filter the results by categories. To do […]

Google Is Building A Third-Party Commenting Platform

According to the multiple reports it has been seen that Google is been working on the third-party commenting platform to the competitor Facebook. In this third-party commenting platform, the system will be intensely combined with number of Google products so that the comment that is done on the third-party websites, the result will appear on […]

Registration For Google I/O Has Been Announced

The announcement of the Google I/O registration has been out. Google I/O is nothing but a conference that is held every year and developers from all around the word gather in this conference. By releasing the Rube Goldberg-inspired Chrome Experiment, Google has announced the celebration. This conference is the 5th Google I/O conference and will […]

Google Introduces The New Play Tab

Google has come out with lot of changes this month and from all those they have also upgraded many of their features too. The new feature that Google has introduced is the “Play” tab on the home page of Google. This Play tab is nothing but the way to visit the Android market easily. You […]